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Awaken your spirit is a deep dive into romancing your mind, body, and soul. Walking through life with an essence of romance has allowed my heart to experience passion with each breath I take. Over the past decade, I’ve been called to explore health and wellness with passion and romance. Why is living with passion so important for my mind, body, and soul? For me, living passionately brings me to life, while continuously inviting my heart to swell and expand.


When I’m living passionately, I’m romancing my own heart. I feel energetic when I’m in the state of romance. I feel motivated, inspired, and creative when I romance my own soul. I feel youthful. I feel beautiful. I feel healthy. I feel eternal. We often attach the idea of romance to romantic acts with an intimate partner. And while this holds true for an infinite blossoming relationship, the same holds true for our own hearts evolution.


Think about those first few dates you spend with someone who allows your heart to beat fast. You experience butterflies in your stomach while smiling through your entire day. There’s a feeling of newness with infinite possibilities within your entire being. You know, that feeling like you’re in love for the very first time? In my opinion, there is no feeling that comes close to being in love. This is the essence I am speaking of. I am a romantic attic and a passion junkie.


I thrive within this vibration as the essence of love is life itself. And I’ve found over the past 5 years that the most important relationship to continue to romance is the one we have with our own hearts. The love and passion I share with myself is one that includes nourishing my mind with positivity, nourishing my body with the best foods, and nourishing my soul with creativity. On this journey you will be inspired to walk with a new lens of romance that will light a fire within your heart that can never be dimmed. You will learn how to become creative in feeding your mind, body, and soul.